The Saga Continues…

  • Sorry we’ve been quiet but there’s nothing definitive to report.
  • We continue to talk to the City – mostly at our prompting. It’s very difficult to get any clear information from them.  There is lots of “we’ll get back to you in a few days,” and then nothing.
  • We have provided architectural drawings to the City – layout and design of two potential sites for a new club.  One is at Ruth Hardy Park, sited in the NE corner of the park, and enclosed by a fence, thereby ensuring safety and security.  The other is at the west end of Mesquite, behind the Parkview Mobile Home, running north-south and hugging the mountains.  We are doing our best to be helpful – at least what we define as helpful.
  • We continue to research other options, ones that do not involve the City.
  • We have reached out to the Province Group to ask for a new lease allowing the club to operate while the Province Group goes through the planning and permitting process. The City tells us they have also reached out.  There has been no response.
  • The City’s fiscal year is over June 30. It’s pretty clear that if the City is going to step up and build us a new club, the funds need to be built into the Capital Budget for 2016|2017.


  • The next City Council meeting is April 6. We are asking people to speak on behalf of the club.  We are also asking for a large, visible presence.  PLEASE – if you can – plan to attend this meeting.  It starts at 6 pm and yes – it goes forever – so you need to block out the evening.  We know this is not as exciting as any number of forms of entertainment but this is IMPORTANT.  We need your support.