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PLAZA RC NEWS UPDATE as of February 18, 2016

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At their 6 pm March 2 meeting, the Palm Springs City Council will provide a status update on The Plaza Racquet Club.  We are expecting a report on locations they are studying/considering for the club.

Letters to the Desert Sun and/or the City Council are still appreciated.  Possible points to include in your writing:

  • Thank the Council and the Parks and Rec Commission for their efforts on behalf of the club and all its visitors (residents and tourists alike)
  • Encourage their help in allowing the club to remain open while the new property owners are moving through the planning and permitting process.
  • Encourage them to utilize the Haggstroms’ expertise and knowledge as they study location and siting options.

Where we are as of this point in time

  • The Parks and Rec Commission has appointed an ad hoc group to work with the City Councils’ subcommittee (Mayor Moon and Councilman Mills)
  • We are working along parallel tracks: 1) looking at viable alternative locations and 2) working with both the City and the Province Group to encourage a new lease allowing the club to continue operations during the planning and permitting process
  • Ruth Hardy Park continues to be the leading option though we have said we have one chance to do this right so let’s look at other possible ideas.
  • Progress is slow but the wheels are still turning!


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