Historic Status of the Club

  • The report regarding the possibility of the Plaza Racquet Club being designated as a historic site is scheduled to be delivered to the City of Palm Springs the week of January 18. The report, prepared by Robert Chattel of Sherman Oaks, will be given to the Historic Site Preservation Board (HSPB) for their review.
  • It is anticipated that the HSPB will review and discuss the report at their February 9th They meet at 9 am in the large conference room of City Hall, 3200 Tahquitz Canton Way, Palm Springs 92262. 
  • We would appreciate having as many supporters of the Plaza RC attend this meeting as possible.

Meeting with the City

  • Kurt, Ana and Pamela will be meeting with Mayor Moon, Councilman Mills and City Manager David Ready on January 27th. The city folks have been working on an alternative location for the club.  More information about their research and idea(s) will be shared and discussed at this meeting.

Realtor Research

  • We have a realtor working with us to determine if there are any appropriate properties for sale in Central Palm Springs. By “appropriate,” we mean ones that would work for a “new” Plaza Racquet Club. Needless to say, pursuing this route would be very costly.
  • If you happen to know any very wealthy people who would love to become a Palm Springs HERO by helping us recreate the Plaza Racquet Club in a new location, let one of the committee members know ASAP.

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