Tennis Etiquette

Tennis Etiquette
By Kurt Haggstrom

Common courtesy is at the heart of all tennis etiquette.  There are not many rules to remember, just a general consideration and respect for others.

Please bear in mind that your Plaza Racquet Club is designed so that you do not have to cross anyone else’s court to get to your own court.

Each court is individually accessible through its own gates.  If for any reason you must cross over to your own court, be sure to wait until after a point, or preferably, a game, is over.

Rather than expecting someone else to do so, ALWAYS bring a can of unopened balls to your game.

Avoid loud voices across the courts to other players or spectators.  And please….always be aware of others around you and respect their rights to concentrate on their play.

Trash cans are available on each court.  Please pick up your loose balls and any trash so the next people playing have a clean court to begin their play.