Plaza Racquet Club Newsletter – Summer 2015

Summer is almost here – Bring on the Heat!

With summer fast approaching, we all want to take a moment and thank everyone for our best season ever. In the 2014-2015 season, we saw record-breaking amounts of tennis being played at the Plaza. In fact ,the club has become so busy that we have closed the annual membership. We currently have a waiting list for potential new members.

We hope that everyone enjoyed our wonderful tournaments, barbeques, fun and frolic for all. We greatly value your membership and through your support and participation, our club continues to flourish.

First and foremost, we want to communicate the summer schedule to you. Due to member demand, we will be keeping the Pro-Shop open all summer. The club will be open daily from 7:00am—11am. For June and July , Bill Parsha will be doing the game arranging, racquet stringing, sales and tennis services. In August, Gabby Kay will assume the duties of Tennis coordinator and maintain the same hours.

Congratulations to our singles club champions. This years tournament was very spirited and saw a new cast of winners. Shawn Snook, Brad Hasper, Paul Kakuschky, Ron Werner and Lorraine Segala were all winners in their respective divisions.

We wish you all a terrific summer and hope you will take advantage of our game arranging services.

Happy Summer, Kurt, Ana, Bill & Denny

Summer Tennis Tip: “THE FOREHAND”

By Kurt Haggstrom

It is a common misconception that one must turn sideways and “step into” the ball when hitting a forehand.

This is a very unnatural motion and simply not true.

When hitting a forehand properly one should position their hitting side (shoulder, hip, leg and foot) closest to the tennis ball.

When waiting in ready position (facing the net) and the ball is on one’s dominant side, no step is needed unless the ball is out of reach. In that case, one should step forward or to the side with one’s dominant foot. The resulting forehand is being hit facing the net and not sideways.

To see this for yourself just turn on your T.V. and watch the pro’s or observe a teaching professional give a lesson. The teaching pro will always feed a ball while facing the net and anyone good enough to be on T.V. will hit open-stance forehands.