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Plaza in the News (Desert Sun Articles)

05/12/16 Supporters still have questions on Plaza Racquet Club
05/11/16 Coachella Valley recreation: Noting the good and bad
04/29/16 Plaza Racquet Club in Palm Springs to close
04/28/16 Future generations deserve a Plaza Racquet Club
04/17/16 Saving the Plaza Racquet Club is not about bitterness
04/06/16 Supporters of the Plaza Racquet Club press their case
03/22/16 Desert Sun Letters, Mar. 22
03/13/16 Desert Sun Letters, Mar. 13
03/12/16 Desert Sun Letters, Mar. 12
02/27/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 28:
02/27/16 Valley Voice, Feb. 28: Plaza story is our story, too
02/20/16 Valley Voice: Palm Springs rightly passed on Plaza deal
02/20/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 21
02/18/16 Valley Voice, Feb. 19: What makes a town a home
02/15/16 Desert Sun letters, Jan. 11
02/15/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 15
02/15/16 Another Voice: City seeking site for Plaza Racquet Club
02/13/16 Our Voice: Don’t blame PS Unified in tennis club loss
02/13/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 14
02/12/16 USTA gives status upgrade to valley same-gender event
02/10/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 11
02/06/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 7
02/04/16 Future uncertain for Plaza Raquet Club, the ‘tennis Mecca’
02/04/16 Plaza Racquet Club likely to face wrecking ball
02/02/16 Valley Voice: Tennis club benefits all in Palm Springs
02/01/16 Desert Sun letters, Feb. 1
01/19/16 Valley Voice: Plaza Racquet Club deserves saving as is
12/19/15 Desert Sun letters, Dec. 20
12/18/15 Valley Voice: Palm Springs was offered tennis club site
12/14/15 Valley Voice: Plaza Racquet Club a community gem
12/08/15 Plaza Racquet Club fights closure, wants designation
12/08/15 Palm Springs to consider protecting Plaza Racquet Club

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