As most of you know, the Plaza Racquet Club’s last day of operation was June 23rd. The club was filled to capacity until the end, in spite of temperatures exceeding 113 degrees. What a testament to our incredible membership and community.

Our most recent effort to relocate the Plaza Racquet Club has fallen through. We were looking at a six-court condominium complex in south Palm Springs that has a two-story community clubhouse. The plan was to locate our club office and pro shop on the second floor of that building. The HOA board was in agreement until they received legal advice that the clubhouse, tennis courts and parking lot must all become ADA compliant. This meant the addition of an elevator which in the end proved to be too costly so the Board of Directors voted it down.

We remain committed to finding an alternate location for our wonderful club. Until that time comes, we are willing to reimburse anyone who did not receive the full term of their annual memberships. If you would like your money back, shoot us an email with your current address and we will send you a check. Conversely, if you would like to apply your remaining time to our relocation site, it is your option.

Until we have something definitive, please hang onto the following information: 1) Head Pro, Bill Parsha, can be reached at or 760-409-0659; 2) Denny Lueneburg can be reached at or 906-786- 2207 until October 4th, then 760-325-0543; 3) The Plaza Racquet Club number will remain the same at 760-323-8997.

We thank all of you for your patience during this difficult time and hope you continue to be optimistic about a new Plaza Racquet Club site.  

Kurt & Ana Haggstrom